Group Day Program

Diversity Training & Support Center
Operation Hours: Adults 7:30-5pm, Kids 2-6pm

The program is designed to assist its participants in expanding the role they play in the community and improve their quality of life. The individuals fulfill the goals that they set for themselves through community and volunteer activities as well as facility-based training that improves upon their ability to retain social and life skills.

The individuals participate in community and volunteer activities 3 – 5 times a week. Our facility-based training offers training in a classroom setting that allow individuals to transition to different learning centers throughout the day according to their individualized support plan.

Daily curriculum emphasizes skill development and retention. The curriculum consists of the following: Social Skills; Behavior and Anger Management; Art and Music Therapy; Technology, Keyboarding and Internet; Fitness, Recreation and Relaxation; Functional Academics such as counting money, reading, and writing skills; and Dining and Domestic Skills.
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