DIVERSITY is a dynamic human service organization that provides a variety of innovative residential and day services to meet the needs of individuals with a developmental disability or dual diagnosis of developmental disability/mental illness. Developmental disabilities include condition such as autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability, down syndrome ,etc.

Who We Are

Our services span the life cycle and assists people with a developmental disability to live happy, successful and meaningful lives. We encourage progression in the programs and each person has the opportunity to continue to develop skills.

At DIVERSITY we believe the limits should not be placed on potential! We are constantly pursing possibilities and striving to make an impact everyday in the life of  the individuals that we support.

We are constantly creating and building community partnerships. These connections help us to grow, be valued and truly be a part of our community. We develop our programs based on the needs of the individuals that we support.

Mission & Motto

Our mission is pursuing opportunities to partner with individuals with a developmental disability in their quest of achieving independence, productivity, and integration. We have a vision to endlessly seek to be the best resource of supports for individuals with in the intellectual developmental disability population.

At DIVERSITY, we have an “anything is possible” attitude. If you can dream it, we do our best to help you to achieve it! Our motto of ” Together we are building futures and changing lives” is at the core of who we are and how we help to make dreams a reality.

What We Do

DIVERSITY began in 2004 with our first day services program it was created as a dream to improve the quality of supports for individuals with a developmental disability. Since that time our support opportunities have grown and so have we.

Our History

Our first Day Program was located at 9301 Hull Street Road, in Chesterfield, Va.  We began supports at this location from September 2004 until February 2015.

We Expanded our Day Programs to 304 Turner Road, Chesterfield, Va. in February 2006 until February 2015.

8424 Hull Street Road

We constructed a 35,000 Square foot building in 2014 and moved all Day Services there in February 2015. From this location, we operate 5 separate programs and our administrative office are also here. The building is fully ADA accessible, equipped with a commercial kitchen, cafeteria, gym and much more.